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Immigration issues can be legally complex, time sensitive and stressful. PocketLegal understands this and makes it our goal to understand you. Whatever your situation, we will deliver timely, practical help to make your goals happen smoothly.

You want immigration advice that simplifies the process without compromising on quality. We want to exceed your expectations and deliver the visas you need, so that you can call Australia home.

Business Sponsorship

We manage the entire process around sponsoring overseas employees. We will help your business with Sponsorship, visas, compliance issues, and getting residency for staff members. We make hiring the right foreign talent a breeze :)

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pocketlegal app

PocketLegal App

In 2015 PocketLegal developed a secure digital software application to allow clients, lawyers and agents access to their matters.

Today that online platform supports a digital transformation that facilitates the migration process for our clients.

By simplifying the process, we deliver outstanding service to our clients – quickly.

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