Australia has many options available for those interested in studying in Australia, from short courses to diplomas right through to PHD programs. Studying in Australia can often be the first step towards migrating permanently, or can be a way to gain requirements necessary for applying for other types of visas.

International students are able to work for 20 hours per week while studying (and full-time while the course is not in session), and the qualification completed will often make more visa options available.

We provide personalised and strategic academic plans and can advise on costs, durations and course details in all fields of study.


Options for Graduates – 485 Visa

If you have completed a professional course of study in Australia then you may be entitled to a 485 visa that allows you to work full-time for up to 4 more years.

English Courses

If you need to improve your English ability to apply for another visa or simply want to enhance your professional or personal experience in Australia, then enrolling in an English language course is a great option.

Professional Courses

If you would like to study a course that relates to your professional experience or career aspirations, you may be eligible for streamlined processing which means you can study sooner.

Visa Types