Lulu’s story

lulu jemimah

What you can learn from this graduate who was denied a post-study visa
Recently, Grapeshot magazine brought us the story of Lulu Jemimah, who was denied a 485 post-study visa due to a tricky requirement. Lulu is clearly talented and a great asset to Australia, but her story warns of the importance of checking (and double checking!) that you meet the requirements for any visa.

Lulu’s story

Lulu graduated with a Bachelor of Arts – Media from Macquarie University, and was shortlisted for the Monash Undergraduate Prize for Creative Writing. Following her graduation, she moved to Melbourne to work on one of her first productions, a play called ‘The Nursery Web.’

But in May last year, Lulu found out she would have to leave Australia this month as her visa had not been granted. She was working full time as a sales and office coordinator at the time, and appealed the decision through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. However, in early December, the decision was upheld.

The reason she has to return to Uganda? She didn’t meet the requirements of a 485 post-study visa. The visa requires applicants to complete an English test within 36 months from the date of the application.

When Lulu graduated, she received an official letter from the university that she believed fulfilled this requirement.

The letter stated: “The attached letter communicates the completion of your qualification to a third party, for example the Department of Immigration and Border Protection or an employer. It also complies with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection requirement stating that the language of instruction is English.”

Lulu attached this letter to her application, but was asked to still sit the test. She unknowingly sat the English test outside of the specified 36 months.

Why it’s important for you

Lulu’s story shows that the visa system can be confusing, even for bright and educated international students. It’s extremely important that the requirements of any visa are clearly understood and met.

If you’re planning on applying for a visa, this story might be the reminder you need to check that you’ve complied with all requirements.

You don’t want a technicality or expired timeframe to be the reason your visa is denied. That’s why getting advice from professionals who know the law and how it works in practice is essential. They can make sure that your visa application is successful and you can come to, or continue to stay in, Australia.

Where we come in

We keep our finger on the pulse of any and all changes to visa requirements, so that our clients don’t lose out. PocketLegal can manage the visa process for you and guarantee you’re eligible, so you’re not surprised by a visa denial like Lulu unfortunately was. If you’re thinking of applying for a visa, get in touch. We do this all day every day to make a hard process easy for you.