Breaking News: Changes to Australian Partner Visa

This year major legislative amendments will be enacted that will significantly change the Australian partner visa application process.

To many, the path to obtaining an Australian Partner visa currently (Subclasses 820, 309, 801, 100) seems straight forward. With new obstacles ahead, this will no longer be the case.

These changes are a result of recent Parliamentary approval of the the Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other measures) Bill which is geared to addressing growing concerns for vulnerable visa applicants and sponsors.

The new legislation will change the current application process by requiring a seperate sponsorship application lodgement. This means the sponsor and the applicant will no longer be able to lodge their applications simultaneously, causing the already extensive process a further delay.

Further, the new legislation will impose statutory obligations on sponsors, and provide sanctions if those obligations are unsatisfied.

And unfortunately that is not all. For those who hold a current Australian visa with a close expiry date, applying onshore may not longer be feasible.

Previously, a partner visa applicant received a Bridging Visa A (BVA) to remain in Australia once the partner visa was lodged. Now however, the applicant will need to wait until the seperate sponsorship application has been approved before they will be able to lodge their visa, and receive the BVA.

This new legislation has no set commencement date which means the process can change at any time, and can affect both exisiting and future applicants.

For those planning on applying for a partner visa, it is recommended to lodge a partner visa as soon as possible.

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